Hari Guru Nasional

Good morning and best  wishes

Whom we respect,

  • Principal
  • /Mrs. Teacher
  • Staff and worker on duty

Also all my beloved and proud friends

In this bright day, I would like to send my gratitude to God so that we can gather in a good health and joy. I would like to say thanks for the opportunity given to me today to deliver my speech.

As we all know that today we celebrate a priceless moment for our heroes “teachers”. Teacher is a fighter who have educate people, give us insight and knowledge to greet our future. Teacher have been dedicate their time and mind to help us achieving our future goals without leaving our character. Teacher is a role model and example of us as their students.

We as students feel blessed and thankfull of their merit that given to build our characters. Also the merits of teacher to equip us with insight and hope. We know how troublesome we are even commiting such a disappointing act. But because of your patient and understanding we are very grateful. We can only hope and pray that all your sweat and sadness will be your field of rewards in the sight of God.

In this opportunity, in a very special occasion which are Teacher’s Day anda forever we will never forget your merit. Teacher is light and torch of nation, without teacher all knowledge will never be able to transferred. Teacher is a bridge and a guide for us in the darkness who by their love lead us into a better future. We as students will repay all you merit by hardwork to improve ourselves, so that we will not disappoint you. We as students will make you proud, and that none of your sweat and sadness be in vain…

In the closing of my speech this time, once again that I would like to say congratulation for the Teacher’s Day, and I hope you will always be the light of this nation with all you knowledge and love.

Thank you,